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We cannot recommend Adriann highly enough.  We initially contacted her at a time when we were also just gathering intel about home birth – we were very interested, but were not yet sold on the idea entirely. We had a million extremely detailed questions when we met with Adriann – for example, we asked her to walk us through every thing that could possibly go awry in a home birth that would require us to go to the hospital, and to explain how soon she as the midwife would detect each problem.  She answered this question in painstaking detail, completely patient and seemingly happy to answer every single of our additional million follow up questions.  Her answers were complete and reflected that she had an extremely good technical understanding of all these thing, AND that she was 100% comfortable with the process. Based on this initial consultation, we were not only sold on Adriann being our midwife, but on home birth.  She made us feel completely comfortable with the process, excited about it, and absolutely unafraid. Obviously home birth is not for everyone, and she was very honest about this, but it made a huge amount of sense in my case.  We interviewed with other midwives – including some that came extremely highly recommended and had much more experience than Adriann – but we felt that no one else answered our questions as thoroughly.  So we were all set to do a home birth with Adriann.

When I went into labor, it was 2am, and I labored with my fiancee at our home for about 5 hours before calling Adriann – my contractions were extremely intense (I must have slept through early phase), and the timing of the contractions wasnt telling us much, they were all over the map.  She came over around 7am.  From the moment she arrived, she was a perfectly calm and calming presence. Never once in the entire day did she give the slightest indication that anything was wrong, unexpected, a problem, or a source of worry.  Her reactions to my contractions were always positive and reassuring, but also not imposing – it very much felt like this was an experience that my fiancee and I were having, just supported by her presence.  The things she said to me during contractions always helped.  She would mainly remind me that everything that I felt was good and natural, that it was all my body getting ready to give us our baby – nothing scary, nothing wrong, just the natural process that was supposed to be happening.  This really helped during the especially painful contractions when your natural inclination is to fight against them – she gently reminded me that the better way to deal with the pain was to embrace the feeling, and this actually worked (I would have thought I would be annoyed by statements like this – but I wasnt, they were VERY helpful).  She also helped me physically in terms of applying pressure to my back when my fiancee needed to take a break, or just sitting there with us.

Adriann handled everything after the birth flawlessly.  She guided me to roll over and placed Mila on my belly.  She wrapped her in a towel and made sure my fiancee got to be close to me and admire his new daughter. As we were doing this, she dealt with the cord, and set it up for my fiance to cut.  She delivered the placenta.  She examined me and explained I was bleeding more than she would like, and we discussed whether I wanted a homeopathic thing for that or a shot of pitocin. She ultimately gave me a shot of pitocin, as I was bleeding alot (though I wouldnt ave known it from her demeanor).  She did the APGAR tests on the baby while she was still on my belly, and helped maneuver me into a position to breast feed, assisting with that as well.  She even remembered to take pictures of my fiancee and me as I nursed the baby for the first time.  She examined me for tearing.  When I was ready, she guided me to the bathroom (I was extremely weak and could barely walk – I hadnt eaten anything during labor really) and helped me try and pee, encouraging me to keep trying.  Somehow she was also cleaning everything up, simultaneous with keeping me from passing out (I was stubborn and kept trying to walk around and then getting dizzy), keeping an eye on the baby, and freeing up my fiancee so that he got to just enjoy the moment.  When my mom arrived, she couldnt believe we had delivered there – everything looked pretty neat and there wasnt any blood and guts (so to speak).~ Anna F.


I highly recommend Adriann as a midwife.  I worked with her for the birth of my first child and greatly enjoyed getting to know her over the course of my pregnancy, birth and beyond.  I and was very impressed by her knowledge, skill and overall calming, pleasant personality.  She really takes the time to get to know her mamas (and papas)-to-be and support and guide them through the natural birth process. ~ Dana W.


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