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Water Birth

A birth pool is included in the Home birth package at no additional charge.

In local home birth midwifery practices, when water is available to laboring women, approximately 80% of women will use the water for relief at some stage during her labor, and approximately 50% of women will go on to actually birth in the water.  Many women find that immersion in water gives them an increased sense of control, comfort and relaxation.

Water birth encourages:

  • Shorter duration of labor
  • Conservation of maternal energy
  • Decrease maternal hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Decrease in maternal anxiety, which promotes focusing inward, as labor becomes more intense
  • A release of pressure on the abdomen allowing the buoyancy of the water to promote more efficient contractions, better blood circulation, more oxygen to baby and mother, equal pressure on all parts of the woman’s body.
  • More trust in the process by feeling of weightlessness allows woman to concentrate on letting her body do what it was designed to do
  • Easier more gentle transition from one womb of water to an external womb of water, weightless, warm, wet and soft

(recreated from – http://www.birthbalance.com)


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