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Preconception Counseling & Well Woman Care

We encourage women and their families to actively participate in a healthy lifestyle by providing guidance for the physical, psychological and social well-being throughout the childbearing years and beyond.

Mother Blooming Birth Services offers complete well-woman care including Pap screenings, breast exams, any requested sexual transmitted infections (STD) screenings and Reproductive counseling. We provide sensitive, confidential, personal and professional gynecological care regardless of where you choose to birth.

Hand in hand with these basic health services we also offer women holistic health care recommendations and are well versed in whole foods nutrition, homeopathics, herbs, nutritional supplements, and other remedies to support good health.

Women choosing Mother Blooming Birth Services as their well-women provider can expect:

  • A comprehensive health history review with time to have their questions answered.
  • A nutritional review with recommendations offered.
  • Care in an intimate setting and Pap tests without uncomfortable stirrups.
  • Holistic and individual support for good health prior to conception.
  • Fertility awareness education, natural family planning and discussion of birth control options
  • Evidence-based advice regarding breast health and referrals for appropriate screenings
  • Herbal and Nutritional support for common health and wellness issues.
  • A safe environment to have your first examination and PAP test.


  • Preconception/ Well woman intake, examination without a PAP smear:  $100
  • Well woman intake, examination with a PAP smear:  $150 (fee does not include the lab charges which start at $45- for normal result, and go up if abnormal or further testing needed)
  • Additional testing/labs can be ordered if there is a need.  Fees vary and will be discussed during the visit.  Additional lab work can be paid for with health insurance or at a reduced rate directly to the midwife.
  • Fees must be paid at the time service is rendered.  No refunds are available.
  • Fees can be paid in cash, with a check or credit card (through paypal).