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Home Birth

Imagine giving birth in the familiar surroundings of your own home, surrounded by the people you love.   Being comfortable enough to move your body freely, make noises, eat and drink when you want to , and take what ever position you desire to birth your baby.

More than 25 studies have shown that birth at home with a trained attendant is a safe option for low-risk, healthy women and their babies.

Your body is made to give birth perfectly!

Home Birth package includes:

Prenatal care-

MBBS follows the same schedule for prenatal care as most obstetricians,  we meet monthly until 28 weeks, then every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, and then weekly until you have your baby.    We come to your home, check your blood pressure,  palpate your belly to determine your baby’s position and size,  measure your uterus to check baby’s growth, and then we listen to your baby’s heartbeat with either a fetoscope or a doppler.   Your visit last another 30-60 minutes while we discuss your state of well-being (both physical and emotional), nutrition, and solutions for any discomforts you may be experiencing.  This time is invaluable to the midwives model of care, it allows us to become a team, so that when the time comes for your baby to be born, you feel comfortable inviting us into your home for your baby’s birth.

Sample of topics we cover during a prenatal visit:

* Childbirth education

* Introduction to breastfeeding and support

* Nutrition

* Suggestions for healthy lifestyle choices

* Newborn care

* Emotional adjustment to pregnancy and becoming a mother

* Relaxation exercises

* Safe herbs to take while pregnant or breast feeding

Labor & Birth-

Sometime In early labor you call your midwife to let her know things are starting, depending on how you are doing she may come to your home to evaluate your labor, or she may make a plan to come later.  Once you are in a good active labor she and her assistant will come and setup for your birth.  During labor we evaluate your blood pressure, and other vital signs, we listen to the baby’s heart rate, and ensure that your labor is progressing normally and safely.  Families may participate as much as you and they wish—the choice of support people is entirely up to you. You may use a birth pool for comfort during labor and if interested you may have a water birth. You will never be separated from your newborn baby.  After birth, mothers and babies are observed together to ensure normal recovery, a newborn exam is performed, and you are all tucked into bed.  Your midwife will remain with you until you are completely comfortable without her, usually departing between 2-4 hours after the birth of your baby.

Postpartum & Newborn  Care-

At Mother Blooming we believe that you emotional and physical adjustments to parenthood are very important and therefore remain in close contact with you and your newborn in the days and weeks following your birth.  We visit each family at home 24 to 48 hours after birth and then again at approximately one, three and six weeks .  Breastfeeding support and monitoring of your baby’s growth are provided and we are always available to address questions by phone between visits.


Full Midwifery Care for a Home Birth with MBBS is $6000.00*

*this fee does not including cost of labs, pharmaceuticals, ultrasounds, birth kit, or obstetrical consultations.  Discount available if paid in full by 28weeks gestation..

Most PPO Insurance plans will reimburse a portion for a home birth, at out-of-network rates. Since the insurance companies are unpredictable, payment is due in full by 35 weeks of pregnancy.

Payment plans are available.  Credit cards are accepted through PayPal.

More about the cost of Home Birth.