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Meet the Midwife

     Adriann (Walker*) Anfiteatro  LM, CPM

Adriann is a California State Licensed Midwife (LM), and a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM).   She is a graduate of  Seattle Midwifery School/ Bastyr University, a California approved and nationally accredited midwifery school.  During her three years of training she worked with half a dozen midwives and cared for over 300 mothers and their babies. She has attended births in licensed birth centers, in private homes, and in the hospital.  Adriann is also certified in adult CPR and Neonatal resuscitation, as well as trained to carry and use oxygen, IVs, and emergency medications.

Adriann believes that birth is as much a psychological process, as it is physical one; therefore by helping  women believe in the process of birth,  women will  birth their children and experience a spiritual awakening that only birth can instill.   Adriann recognizes that Birth is a “Rite of Passage”, and wants to assist women of all backgrounds  reclaim it, and  strongly believes that midwifery is the way for women to achieve the reclamation.


Midwives Oath:

As a midwife, I uphold the following guiding principles:

To work in partnership with women, respecting the dignity and rights of the women I work with, recognizing that the most important determinant of a healthy pregnancy is the mother herself.
To support women to make informed choices and take responsibility for their own well-being.
To understand that childbearing is primarily a personal and community event; a normal process that involves physical, emotional and spiritual factors.
To facilitate these normal processes utilizing a holistic approach, recognizing that each pregnancy and birth is unique.
I believe that midwifery care represents an important resource for improving the health of mothers, babies and families.
I am dedicated to the development and advancement of the profession in North America.


*Adriann was recently married and has changed her name  from Walker to Anfiteatro.

Other Midwives

Adriann works in collaboration with other midwives in the community in order to provide the best care to her clients.   One of the following midwives may participate in your care either by covering call for Adriann,  or by being the second midwife at your birth.  MBBS makes every effort for you to meet the  second midwife or birth assistant prior to your labor.

Sarah Maust CNM (currently on Maternity leave)

Sarah Maust is a certified nurse-midwife and registered nurse with over ten years of experience in women’s health and childbirth. Sarah’s professional involvement with birth began as a labor and delivery nurse where she assisted women and their families for seven years. Sarah fulfilled her lifetime dream of becoming a midwife when she graduated from Frontier Nursing University. Sarah feels honored to be invited as a midwife to partner with women and their families during their pregnancy, birth, and initiation into parenthood. Sarah’s personal journey through pregnancy began when she became pregnant with her first child and decided to have a homebirth. Sarah and her husband were transformed by their amazing journey through pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. Since the birth of their son, Sarah and her husband have also been blessed to welcome 2 daughters into the world at  their own home. As a midwife, Sarah’s desire is to support and empower women and their families during their transition as parents by embracing the sacredness and normalcy of pregnancy and the birth process.